Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Falling Leaves....


We are having a Beautiful Fall here in the Inland Northwest.  I have a particular love of painting leaves, especially in fall.  In the past I've painted them primarily in watercolor and love the shadows they make.  Here's one I did a while ago Autumn Breeze #3 using just watercolor. 

I like the way the shadow colors overlap the Zentangle art form and wanted to experiment with that a bit. I went to my local art supply store Spokane Art Supply: and bought some Strathmore Mixed Media paper to experiment with it.  I also bought some Inktense pencils for even more fun as I had tried my Mom's Inktense bars this summer and liked them.  This is a study to find out what worked and what didn't for me.  As far as the Zentangle work goes, I found that the Sakura Sensei pens stood up to the surface of the paper better than the nibs on their pigma microns. 

The paper worked well with dry mediums, as in the dry Inktense pencils and the dry pastel pencils, but it really didn't care to get too wet as I found that the colors did not spread out like on a watercolor paper.  I plan to try acrylics on it next with less water to see how it goes.

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