Monday, November 12, 2012

Toasty toes!

Years ago, I worked where I couldn't always keep warm in the winter and, as I passed peoples cozy looking homes I would imagine warm toes by the fire a cup of hot chocolate and a good book.  Fast forward many decades and miles and I sit today with my toes toasty by the fire while the first snow piles up outside. I feel very grateful for such contentment.

I am also very grateful to have started to teach the Zentangle classes in earnest.  Many thanks to the folks at New Moon Family Wellness,, who hosted  our first workshop last Saturday.  It was a small class, but a mighty one and it felt so very good to get my feet wet and share this wonderful art form with others.  I have to remember that starting off small is okay. A few back country ski trips ago, we were passed by Sam, an octogenarian who, when asked how he had caught up to us going up hill, replied "I start off slow and work into 'er."  I always try to remember this advice when I feel tempted to leap out of the starting gate. So we are starting off small and working into more and more Zentangle classes.  Here are a couple of beautiful tiles drawn by students in the first Zentangle class for Spokane!

I continue to experiment with the Strathmore mixed media paper.  It has been a problem for me in that I don't like the way aqua media does not move much on this surface, even if I wet it first.  There may a trick I have to discover here.  Anyway, I played around with acrylic inks on a piece and will post when dry.
My body clock is not liking the time change and I'm not relishing getting up when it is so pitch black outside at O'Dark :30.   So this morning I set up a small lamp by my studio chair with the heater blasting on me and my dog, Libby, and worked on this new Zentangle called "Unraveling" in my scetchbook.  I used colored pencils on it too.
Keep Cozy!

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