Monday, January 7, 2013

Waiting for the Water to Clear.

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday and a Joyous New Year!  I know I did.  Since then, I have been keeping busy (was hard to give up the afternoon reading and naps, though) in order to bring on some more Zentangle classes for Spokane in January and February.  Send me a message via this blog  and I'll send you the dates and details!


I find that I am more introspective in winter and read this after a particularly unbalanced time prior to Christmas.  It was preprinted in a journal which I use and it is so appropriate for me as I know that I can be impatient with myself.
"Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?" - Lao- Tzu. I think I need to put this just about every where I can see it. 
Soon after reading this I realized that on a particular issue that I struggled with for a long while, that the mud had indeed settled and the water had cleared.  Some times we think pushing is the answer, when waiting will suffice. Things are usually made clear over time. 
I also did some fun Zentangles:
This one is called "Bridges" and uses ink and colored pencils.  It felt like a bit of a metaphor for my life at the time, where I was walking on intersecting bridges over many whirling vortexes.  Which way? Do I step off here and get involved or stay on the same path? 
Things felt more back to normal around New Year's and I created an affirmation Zentangle using the same themes:
I even tried my hand at jewelry, having bought the supplies before Christmas for gifts which I didn't get around to making, but now I'll be ahead of the game!
We had a lot of snow today (for here) about 6 inches had fallen and it is beautiful.  Our car is good in snow, but our hill is a little dodgy before the plow comes along, so I got to play inside today.  I continued to work on my  Goddess painting which I have been working on for a  while.  Here's a grey version which gives me a clearer picture of where I need to go next.
And now the color version, still a way to go:
I feel that as long as I have my art, which has taught me patience, among other things, that I can wait for the mud to settle and water to clear. 

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