Thursday, March 28, 2013


Just returned from a sunny vacation in the Keys.  I hadn't spent much time there before and it was exciting to explore it from kayak and sailboat.  One of the things we did was visit the Sea Turtle Hospital which was very informative.  I have always loved turtles and had a few growing up.  It was sad to see the sick and injured turtles, but I was glad to know they were getting the help they needed to be rehabilitated and hopefully sent back into the wild.  The ones that don't recover are swimming in a large swimming pool happy as can be.

Here's one of the turtles recovering from a fungal infection which causes large cysts. She's had her surgery and awaits full recovery until she is released.  I, of course, loved her not only because she is a turtle, but because of those neat patterns she sports.  I feel a Turtle Zentangle coming on!

While visiting the botanical garden in Key West, I shot the lovely morning light on these palm fronds.  Also created nice patterns and certain watercolor material.
My latest Zentangle Workshop was at Mellow Monkey in Millwood.  We worked on the Zendala tiles with tangles from nature,leaves, peas, poke root, wheat (must have that in this area) and a little "rain" as well.  Here are a couple of the student tiles from that class:
I felt so inspired by other people tangling the outline of their hands, that I decided to give it a whirl.  I threw in a few of my life symbols, such as painting, and gardening.  I also put in the universe to represent uncharted territory for me.
Yesterday was very exciting as I had my first ever book making class (not the gambling kind) with Timothy Ely down in Colfax.  It was most inspiring to be in his studio which is just AMAZING with all his collections and other inspirations around him.  A magical place.  I managed to stop drooling over all the space he has and actually made the start of a real honest to goodness book!  It still has to be pressed and the cover completed but here's my start.  Yes, I am proud of it!
There's new Zentangle classes for April at New Moon and Synergy!  Check out my website at for all the details.
Here's what people are saying about my Zentangle classes:
"I wanted to say thank you so very much for the class today. It was wonderful! I didn't feel the intense spark to my creativity until after I left and was back in my studio next door. While I was working on my client I was consumed with thoughts of drawing, painting and doing tangles. My main reason behind taking your class today was to reawaken my creativity, which I have put a huge block in front of the past year and from many years past. Not only am I a healer and massage therapist, my first gift is my artwork. I need to be honoring my creative gifts and have not been able to do so for quite awhile now. I am grateful for this renewed spark of desire to draw. It is a good start!" - C.T.
"Very worth while class.  A great value.  Enjoyable, fun and rewarding.  Looking forward to the next class!" - L.C.
As always, your questions and comments are appreciated!