Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Zentangle Art Show in December!








INFO: 509 -995 1647 

Friday, November 13, 2015



November Funk? Pause is good.

If I had my choice I think that in every November I would head to Hawaii, sit on the beach with an improving drink and good book and wait for it to be over, or when someone calls to say that  the ski trails are open.  It has to be one of my least favorite months.  It's kind of like an in between month.  In between the warmth of summer and fall and the crispness and coziness of winter.

I do all I can to resist going inside, both bodily and spiritually, even though I know that it is what I need the most. A time to clear out my inner closet of the stuff that has been brewing on the back burner far too long.  My mood gets a bit bleaker and when my husband gets the Happy Light out of the garage....well that's the hint that he's had enough and it's time to get to work for me.

However, nearing the middle of the month,  I start to appreciate November a bit more....warming good food, like soups and stews, fire place crackling while the wind and rain hit the windows. Friends who you haven't heard from most of the warm months are present again. More time for tangling and other art projects. Oh yes, and Netflix binges, can't forget those!

On our recent vacation in Europe we grew to appreciate a really good morning cappuccino...it's something about that Euro-cow's milk that makes it taste so good.  We started a bit of a habit just before heading out for the day or in the midst of our morning, which was to stop at an outdoor café and have a nice cup.  It was a time to pause, to reconnect with each other and watch the locals as they chatted and read actual paper books!  Starbucks has nothing on the café culture in Europe, it's a special society onto itself.  Cafes are everywhere and open all day so you can sit outside (as many have awnings and heaters) and relax.  So we have started doing this at home in the mornings (though inside), having bought a stove top espresso maker.  It's not sitting by the Mediterranean watching the waves roll in, but it is just fine to sit and watch the November winds whip by the window as we sip together.

I think I have now accepted that November is good...it's about taking a pause, clearing out and breathing in some space in your heart before the Holidays happen again.  One day I may even look forward to it.

When I'm not sipping you can find me this month teaching FREE Zentangle Classes through the Spokane County Libraries.  We are doing variations of a different tangle for each class.

Wed, Nov 18 @ 1 pm - Cheney Library
Thurs, Nov 19 @ 7 pm - North Spokane Library
Tues, Nov 24 @ 1 pm - Airway Heights Library
Wed, Nov 25 @ 7 pm - Argonne Library

And Speaking of Libraries don't forget to see the display at the downtown Library of Zendalas on the second floor.  This photo  is just a small bit of it. Big Applause to all the folks at the libraries for bringing FREE Zentangle Classes to you!!!!


It's A Special Zentangle Holiday Workshop!

When: Sat. Dec 5th from 10 am to 1 pm

Where: Spokane Art Supply, 1303 N Monroe, Spokane

Cost: $40 per person prepaid

Includes all supplies

Using the Zentangle Method, we will create beautiful tangle inspired Holiday Ornaments to compliment any décor.   Beginners welcome!

To register: you can go to this link
 Click on the classes tab and then the Buy Now Baby Button!  and you're in business!

Or contact me via email...colorgardenstudio@comcast.net or call or text to 509-995-1647 and we'll get you signed up via invoice.

Get your Bells on and we'll see you on the 5th!!

Art Show and Sale Saturday, Dec 12  
When it comes to showing my work in PUBLIC (YIKES!) I am a bit of an introvert okay a lot of an introvert. So you'd better mark your calendars because it's been a long time and I am coming out!
 I will be showing and selling (yes, that's right, you like it and buy it kind of thing) my art work!!!
It will be part of the open house and craft sale at the Mellow Monkey Yoga Studio where I bend my body into different pretzel shapes. at 9017 E Euclid, Millwood (off of Argonne Exit)

The open house is on Saturday, December 12th from noon to 4 pm and I will be there from noon to 2 p.m.
Hope to see you there!!