Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Rapids, Rocks, Eddies.....Flow.....

Design your own Coloring Page with me on June 17th! See below for details.

Yes, you and I are the river; we flow, run deep down to that ocean-mix in which our souls swirl.

- Lonnie Hicks

It's been a bumpy spring of sudden changes.  Lots of  rocks to navigate around and  drift over in the river of my life.  My time has been diverted from teaching for a bit as I needed to spend some time  in my own little art eddy for a while.  Like many, making art sustains me in turbulent waters and keeps me from going under.  This is when I rely on nearly daily practices that ground and nourish me.  My life experience has taught me that the water will flow again and that the things that slow me down and steady me, like practicing Zentangle, meditation, gardening, yoga and the love for and of others, of course;  will see me through once again to the open waters.

One of the things I did to keep contact with the world was join a Facebook group called,
 Traveling Tangles Project.
Or you can do a search for Zentangle swaps and find all sorts on the web.

In this group over 400 tanglers from all over the world have gathered to start a Zentangle tile or two or more, and then mail them off to others to finish and keep.  It's so nice to get real honest to goodness mail.   It's like  Pen Pals with tangles! 

There were mornings when I didn't feel like tangling and instead wanted to dive into the rapids.  However, just knowing that someone in another part of the world was waiting for me to send my started tile or finish theirs got me going.   In fact in participating in this swap it got me motivated to finish a tangle pattern I had started long ago.  The resulting online conversation about it, even helped with a name: B'Tworld!  I have added a new page to this blog: My Tangles which has all the tangles I have developed thus far for you to try.

When I am not teaching I also keep busy by either trying out new techniques or mediums to share with you  and by completing Art Commissions.  Fortunately, the great folks at the Spokane Public Library asked me to design the back of their book marks for people to color and also a coloring page for their coloring sessions at the branches. It includes the words, Read, Learn, Discover and Color. A Calligrapher I am not, but I learned quickly enough to get the job done and we all are pleased with the result.  The book marks should be available soon a your local city library, if not there already.  

I had so much fun designing this page, I thought about how best could I share this experience with everyone?  I noodled around selling coloring pages or books online which I may still do; but my heart is in teaching first, so I  thought it would be even more fun to teach you all how to design your own coloring page using the Zentangle method.  It's a winning combination of two mindful and relaxing techniques in one go!


Create Your Own Coloring Page Workshop

Using the Zentangle Method, we will create a beautiful personalized coloring page for yourself or as a unique gift.  All supplies are included.  There will be student grade coloring pencils to use in class, but if you prefer to bring your own favorite coloring supplies, please do.
Suitable for ALL abilities, including beginners.  No Experience Required. I'll show you how, one stroke at a time.
You don't have to know how to draw!
When: Friday, June 17th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Mellow Monkey Yoga Studio, 9017 E. Euclid, Millwood
Cost: $35 per person, Prepaid and Includes all take home Zentangle Supplies!
To register you can click away on this button


Or if you wish not to pay online, contact Loretta West, CZT at or 509 995 1647 and you will be sent an invoice to be paid prior to class.
Thank  you for your continuing support in my teaching and art journey, I couldn't do it without you!!

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