Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Landing....One Box At A Time

We've been living in our new home in the Okanagan area of  British Columbia ,Canada for four months, but it seems much longer as we have accomplished much in that time.  For most of the summer, the air has been smoky from forest fires which has forced us to stay in and paint and fix, getting ready for winter. However, on days when the air is mostly clear, it is sublime and we've been able to take in some of the many lakes that surround us with swimming and kayaking.   With each new day, I fall in love with our home more and more as it is rich with so much to do and see. 


For a short time I thought my studio unpacking was all done....except...my husband found more cartons in the garage marked STUDIO which would explain why I couldn't find certain things. I am constantly surprised at how little I really need to make art. (Now if only my cheese grater would appear...probably in a box marked den.) My only rule was that only one box be put in the studio at one time so that I wouldn't feel overwhelmed in such  a small space.  I learned that one the hard way and just like Zentangle, which is completed one stroke at time....I unpack one box at a time and depending on the box it could take a while as I rediscover things from the past.  

I am currently building a new Canadian website for my artwork which I invite you to visit at

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art that is still listed as available, please contact me at colourgardenstudio@shaw.ca or my old address still works at colorgardenstudio@comcast.net

In other news; my art work along with other Canadian Zentangle artist's work, will be on display in Jasper, Alberta starting September 30th to celebrate 150 years of Confederation in Canada!  Oh Canada! I chose to design birds of which I am very fond.

Also, I am scouting out spots to hold both Zentangle and SoulCollage workshops in the greater Vernon, BC area some time late fall and winter so be sure to check back for details.  If you want to get on my mailing list, please drop me a line at one of the above email addresses.

I leave you with a couple of gems:  One rediscovery from a book I made where I created a brainstorming poem that seems perfect for the end of summer and the industriousness of fall...

The other is from a recent field trip to a lavender farm where they had this open air gazebo and people had written their wishes and good sentiments on tags and attached it to the structure.  If there had been any tags left I would have tangled one for sure....but still I could feel the good will and love in that space, as it was palpable.

Okay just one last thing. I spotted this tangle on line and thought it too cute not to share. Though I won't show our dog Mattie as she has kind of a sour spot for cats ever since one tried to hitch a ride on her face! Woof!
All the best until next time...and as usual feel free to leave a comment or two or six.